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Image by Nathan Dumlao


How to care for wooden rolling pins

Wooden rolling pins can last a lifetime. However wooden rolling pins do need some care to last longer, be sure to never leave it in standing water.

Before you store it you will need to dry it completely. For example, after you are done using it be sure to hand wash it in hot soapy water and make sure to use a plastic scouring pad if there is leftover residue if it is hard to wash off. Then rinse your rolling pin well and dry it off completely with a towel.

Conditioning your Rolling Pin

Genereally it is not necessary to condition your wooden rolling pin, by washing and drying your pin often should be sufficient for taking care of them long-term. 

However, if your rolling pin has been exposed to too much heat, there is a possibility that the wood will crack. This can happen why you excessively dry your rolling pin. This is the main reason why washing your rolling pin is not advised, the heating cycle can dry out the rolling pin and the long wash cycle can overly soak it.

In the event that your rolling pin does crack you can use olive oil or food-grade mineral oil to rub it with.

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