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This beautiful coffee table is handmade from all premium Walnut hardwood. I spent days in the design and construction of the table from its obtuse angles on the base to it's simple yet elegant top. 


This modern coffee table features obtuse angles on the base with mitered coners and rounded splines inset to provide strength and rigidity. the base was then placed on risers to give it a floating effect from the table top. The table top is comprise of three hardwood panels that are reinforced with dowels to prevent bowing and warping that a single wide piece of hardwood would be more prone to doing. the top was then add a 45 degree chamfer on the bottom to give it a contemporary look. The table was sanded through various sanding grits (80-1000) to acheive a super smooth feel and then multiple coats of Danish oil was applied to bring out the shine and grain pattern of the Walnut.


If properly cared for, this handmade piece will provide your family years of enjoyment.


Note: Most items are made to order and will require a couple days to 2 weeks to complete depending on size and complexity.



The Nina coffee table

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