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This is a true piece of functional art!


This handmade Walnut end-grain cutting board is made of beautiful Walnut. It is an eye-catching piece of art for your kitchen but durable enough for everyday use. Chamfered edges have been eased giving a clean, smooth appearance, and come with non-slip rubber feet.


Finely crafted end grain cutting boards are the most superior cutting surface available for the serious chef or home cook. End grain boards allow knife blades to slide between the wood's fibers rather than cutting against their edge......This does two things: 1) keep your knives sharp much much longer so that you do not have to sharpen them as often and 2) prevent your cutting board from getting scarred up with slices from your knives.


Note: Most items are made to order and will require a couple days to 2 weeks to complete depending on size and complexity.


Pictured 12"x20"x1.5

Solid Walnut End-grain cutting board

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